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How do you organize library items?

I'm trying to figure out a better way to keep track of items we check out from the library. Initially I tried having one space on the boys' bookshelf for library items. But they never remember to put them back there. Thank goodness the library system allows me to enter my email address so I get a notification two days before something is due, which has saved me a lot in overdue fines. Still, in the last year we've "lost" one item (which I'm sure we actually returned but was never reentered into their system) and sometimes it takes a few days to search every nook and cranny for the missing book or video so we can return it. If I keep the items in our library bag, then they don't get read. If I put them on their bookshelves, they get mixed in with our other books.

A few years ago I got a very pretty wire basket from Target that has two compartments and can either sit on the counter or be wall mounted. It has been a god-send as I used to have mail in stacks all over the house (counter, mud room bench, my desk, kitchen table) and when it came time to pay bills I was forever hunting for the envelopes I needed. I never did mount it to the wall, it sits at the end of my kitchen counter. Our kitchen is shaped like a U, with the fridge at one end and a long counter forming the other long side of the U, dividing it from the dining room. The end of the counter is a blank wooden wall/cupboard end, and I thought I might mount a magazine rack or something similar for the kids to keep their library items in. I found this one at Lillian Vernon, and it looks like it might do the trick. But they can't tell me the dimensions of the openings, and I'm afraid the ones at the top might be too small for paperbacks or dvds, and the one at the bottom might not hold everything we check out at a time.

So, what do you do with items you check out from the library? How do you keep track of them?

Opinions needed

My vacuum cleaner died :( I think it is probably fixable, if there were someone who fixed them. But the one guy in town who rebuilt this vacuum a few years ago has retired and gone out of business (I guess he moved to Mexico). So I'm looking at buying a new vacuum. As something that's going to get lots of use, I want something that's going to work well and hold up for more than just one or two years.

So, what kind of vacuum do you have and what do you love and hate about it?

DePhoMo #22

There've been a pair of pileated woodpeckers coming to the suet on our deck.

This is the female.

DePhoMo #16

Today the deer were back with friends. There were four in the back yard this afternoon.

DePhoMo #15

The sprouts on the left are an alfalfa blend for human consumption, on the right are oat sprouts for chicken consumption. In the winter they can't get out and forage for greens, so I sprout some for them, and feed them other treats like apple cores and the insides of squash.

DePhoMo #14

These two deer were in our backyard this afternoon.


Firefox problem?

Can someone with a mac see if they can get into www.maurices.com using either Firefox or Safari? I haven't been able to access the site in a few weeks, although it used to work fine for me. I booted up the ancient PC today and am able to access using IE, but not Firefox on the PC. Called customer service and she claimed there was nothing she could do and no one else is having this problem. Hmmm. Makes you want to participate in one of those surveys afterward just so I could say that their customer service was less than helpful :P

DePhoMo #6

Just a few of the winter squash we have stored for later consumption. This particular variety is extremely tasty!


We've gotten quite a bit of snow so far this winter.

This last one was heavy and wet and stuck to all the trees beautifully.



DePhoMo #4

Right now we have four chickens, three of which are hens, one turkey, one goose, and two ducks. The chickens we'll keep over the winter, and the rest need to be butchered so that I can move them into the winter coop. The winter coop is better insulated, which has a bonus that when I collect the eggs they aren't frozen solid!